Tea and Coffee Hamper Packs

Staff Hamper Packs are customized for your staff members. They include all their monthly beverage and sundry needs. Hamper Packs include items such as sugar, creamer, coffee, tea and whatever else it is that you feel your staff needs. 


Choose either Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Hamper Packs!

It's as simple as choosing the items and quantities you would like to supply your staff with, choosing how regularly you want the packs to be supplied to your company (either every 2 weeks or Once month) and Staff Hampers will deliever them straight to you!


Advantages of Staff Packs:

  • Staff Packs save you up to 40% of your monthly bill!
  • Cut down on theft, wastage, pilferage, abuse and travelling to the shop!
  • You control the beverages and sundries utilised!


With 25 years of experience of packing to both large companies (1000 + staff) and small companies (5 + staff) you can be guaranteed the best prices and service!

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