Large Staff Food Bucket Hampers

Our large hamper is very much the Grand Daddy of all our packages. We pack 18 items into a 25L bucket fit for your staff members to use at home. We supply these to companies all over South Africa. We understand that money doesn’t go very far during the Christmas period, so we take some load off of our staff by providing them with their very basic needs, which means more money for presents!


Large Hamper Sample

*Items are subject to change due to stock availability and price

6 Pack Castle Beers/Juice
large staff hamper1
410g Hugos Jam
500g Fattis Macaroni
72's Beacon Sweets
2 Maggis 2 minute noodles
400g Koo Chakalaka
400g Spice Bowel
kg Illovo Sugar
200g Bakers Choice Buscuits
1lt Fusion Juice
100s Freshcup Tea/Bags
2 lt Coke
150g nikNaks
410g Koo Canned Peaches
350g Peanut Butter

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