Custom Packed Food Hampers

Customp Packed Food Hampers allow you to have complete control over the contents of each of your staffs hampers and the price of them (which depends on what you choose to fill your hampers up with). There buckets can include any of the essential food items that you choose.
Custom Hampers are aimed at any business, small or large, that is looking for a cost effective & practical way of purchasing supplies for all its staff members and are even a great way to spoil the staff at work or even at home. Hampers make an alternative to cash and other non-essential items over the festive season.
Custom Packed Staff Hamper

Our Custom Hampers consist of good quality and cost effective products that we distribute from KwaZulu-Natal right to your doorstep. We deliver hampers all over South Africa every year.

We offer Christmas Hampers, Staff Packs and much much much more, all you have to do is click "Request a Quote" and fill out the form, send it to us and we will get one of our nearest agent to call you.

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Reusable Bucket

The bucket that the hamper is packed into can be reused for many years to come.

Custom Food Items

We can fit many different type of items into each bucket, and you can choose what will suit your staff best.

Help the Family

Instead of giving money and other items that are wont always be used for family, rather get a food hamper.