Food Bucket Staff Hampers 2019

Every year, companies wonder how they could spoil their staff without giving money that goes to non essential things. Staff Hampers pack food items into buckets that will feed the family for Christmas and allow them to use the buckets thereafter.

Customized Hampers To Suite Your Budget

Countdown to Christmas

Our Types of Hampers

Small Bucket Hampers

Packed with 11 items. Great for every average household. Treat your staff, while maintaining your budget

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Packed with 11 items, perfect standard hamper.

Medium Bucket Hampers

Topped with 14 everyday items with a special touch. Great gift hamper for all occasions.

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Filled with 14 items, packed for something special.

Large Bucket Hampers

Motivate your staff with our best and largest bucket hamper, containing 18 items used by all families.

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Stuffed with 18 items, our best hamper.

Hampers are not Standard and come in Three Sizes

Choose your size of Food Hampers

Staff Hampers is an established, reliable supplier of Food Bucket HampersBulk Hampers and Christmas Hampers. We have been providing our Staff Hamper Packages to all KwaZulu-Natal for over 25 years!

If you're looking for an experienced and trustworthy company to help you save on your monthly office expenses or to help get your staff the perfect End of Year Gift at affordable prices, then look no further.

Bulk Hampers

Show your appreciation and gratitude to your hard-working team, Staff Bulk Food Hampers are the ideal way!
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Custom Packed Hampers

Customised Hampers allow you to have complete control over the contents of each of your Hampers and the price of them.
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Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers are the perfect thanks at the end of a long year. Send them home with a hamper filled with treats!
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Food Bucket Hampers

Are you looking to supply your employees with Food Hampers? Staff Hampers is the fore front runner in packing hampers for your staff.
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Looking for Ration Packs and Food Hampers? You have come to the best place!

Benefits of having Staff Hampers as your Monthly Supplier

Hampers to suite your Budget

We offer customized Bucket Hampers
to suite your budget. Give us your budget
and we'll arrange your hampers.
Free KwaZulu-Natal Delivery

Free KwaZulu-Natal Delivery

No need to stress about punctual delivery. We deliver hampers throughout KwaZulu-Natal with record time.

Christmas Hampers

Give your employees something to show your appreciation, with the famous Christmas Hampers of Staff Hampers.